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MISSHA Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++  is an essence sunblock enriched with nourishing essence that helps protect and moisturize skin. It is also a moisturizing sunscreen (with essence) sunblock containing 6 types of essential nutrients that help soothe skin exhausted from UV rays with full moisture and nutrition.

1. Pros

  • Daily full spectrum UVA & UVB protection safe sunblock SPF45+/PA+++.
  • Water and sweat-resistance sunblock which enabled longer sun protection period of time.
  • Provide moisturizing & nourishing for softer, brighter, clearer-looking complexion.
  • Can be applied under makeup for daily sun protection.
  • Suitable for Normal to dry skin types.

    The technology of Water and Sweat Resistant Double Layer Polymer

    • Perfect for hot, humid summer months. Stands up against sweat and water from water sports and other outdoor activities. Double Layer Polymer provides long-lasting, water and sweat-resistant UV protection.

    Immediate increase in skin moisture after Essence Sunblock is used.

      3. Main Ingredients

      • Oriental Tea Newplex: Antioxidant blend of 7 Asian tea extracts -- green tea, chrysanthemum tea, mugwort tea, mulberry tea, persimmon leaf tea, arrowroot tea, cinnamon tea.
      • Essence Complex: Hydrating & nourishing blend of 6 plant extracts -- aloe, cucumber, mulberry root, licorice, Portulaca Oleracea, and witch hazel.
      • "Antozone" Amur Rose Bud Extract: Helps maintain the youthful appearance of skin against environmental stressors.
      • Thaneka Extract: Fragrant tree bark extract from Myanmar is traditionally used in refreshing facial treatments.

      4. Directions

      • Take an appropriate amount and apply evenly onto the face.
      • Pat lightly until fully absorbed.
      • Apply evenly onto neck, arms, and legs where sun exposure occurs.
      • Reapply as needed for long-term sun exposure.
      • Recommend to double-cleanse as it has long-wearing benefit.
      • Apply only an adequate amount.  For the optimum level of protective effect, it is recommended to apply a quantity of fingertip size to the face and a palm-sized amount for the entire body.

       It takes about 30 minutes before the sunscreen is absorbed into the skin and starts to work fully. Therefore, it is important to reserve enough time and let the cream fully absorb before we begin to expose the skin to sunlight.

      Apply every 3 hours.  For long UV protection, apply sunblocks every 3 hours. This is especially true from 10 am to 2 pm when the sun rays are stronger than ever.

      Apply daily, all seasons.  Ultraviolet radiation works throughout the year.

      Thorough cleaning of the sunscreen residue is necessary by using make-up removal.


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