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Who We Are

NAESARANG is a team of dedicated Indians that work hard to source top-quality KPOP merchandise at affordable prices so that we can bring happiness and joy into the lives of our Indian KPOP fans.
Our website is designed keeping in mind the range of customers we encounter, making it easier to order your desired product and use any payment method of your choice.
Our products are trusted by all our current customers, they are satisfied with their quality and are surprised by the price tags we offer. We have sold many of our products with most of them being out of stock. But don’t worry, since we bring shipments to India every month, our stocks are always refilled. 
We are thankful to our Indian KPOP fans and promise to keep bringing the best quality products at the best prices.

NAESARANG currently tends to the BTS army in India with its vast range of BT21 products. We are looking to expand this range to include your favourite KPOP artist and band. We hope to be the go-to website for all your Korean needs, not limited to just KPOP.
K-pop fans from all over the world love to buy merchandise to help support their favourite bands. However, in India, we find it quite challenging to buy top-quality Kpop merchandise at affordable prices. To help bring the Korean culture closer to India, NAESARANG was born.
We promise quick and speedy delivery of all our products PAN India. The shipment of the product usually takes a day and the delivery of the order is done in a maximum of 4 days or sometimes even faster depending upon where you reside in India. If you live in Delhi the product will be delivered at the earliest and if your shipping address is outside of Delhi, then the delivery of the product will take about 6 days.
The NAESARANG head office is situated in the Wazirpur Industrial Area of Delhi. Our working hours are 10:00 am-6:00 pm Monday to Saturday. We are currently operating only from Delhi and plan to expand our warehousing sites in more cities so as to promote speedy delivery of the products.
Our creative and dedicated team is constantly working to bring you the latest and trendiest kpop merchandise in order to provide you with a holistic and happy shopping experience.
We started this online shop with passion and creativity. Affordable prices along with awe-strikingly great quality and attractive offers, are just some things that make us stand out. We aim to create a shopping experience that is hassle-free, inexpensive, and filled with joy. With all the products available at your disposal 24/7 on our very easy-to-navigate website, you can shop at your own convenience! What more? We deliver right to your doorstep. Well, what are you waiting for? Get browsing! Find what you love, and place an order on NAESARANG. With each purchase, you are fueling our passion of forming relationships with our customers.

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 A-33, Second Floor, Block A, Wazirpur Industrial Area, Delhi-110052


10:00 am–6:00 pm Mon-Sat




Contact us now using our contact page or email us at hello@naesarangshop.com.


Happy shopping!