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Cute Kawaii Pencil Sharpeners

Cute Kawaii Pencil Sharpeners

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Are you looking for a pencil sharpener that is safe for kids to use and doesn't require batteries? Look no further than our hand-cranked pencil sharpener! Made with a durable alloy steel hob, this sharpener is wear-resistant and can sharpen pencils up to five times longer than traditional blade sharpeners. Plus, it's easy to use and operates quietly so that it won't disturb other students in the classroom.
With our manual pencil sharpener, you don't need to worry about constantly buying batteries or other consumables. And because it doesn't require electricity, it's safe for kids to use. The sharpening process is easy, and the hob blade is made from high-quality materials to ensure it lasts long.
Our pencil sharpener is also versatile, with two sharpening modes that allow you to adjust the sharpness for both thick and thin pencils. And if your child accidentally breaks a pencil while sharpening, there's no need to worry - our unique design includes a red button that lets you quickly eject broken tips and clear any jams.
In addition to being practical and functional, our pencil sharpener is also fun and engaging for kids. The lovable animal design will capture their hearts and make them excited to learn. So why wait? Order your hand-cranked pencil sharpener today and give your child the perfect tool for their studies!

Product Dimension:Β β€Ž10 x 10 x 5 cm; 160 Grams

Batteries Required: No

Batteries Included: No

Material type(s): Plastic

Item weight: 160 gm

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