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Disposable Hair Towel

Disposable Hair Towel

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Must-have items for hotels - travel towels/disposable towels

Recommended for travel towels, beauty towels, and headscarves.
Say goodbye to sharing bath towels/towels with strangers.
Easy to wash and dry quickly, avoiding the breeding of bacteria due to humidity.
The thickened fabric is soft, durable and not easy to break.
The gentle texture cares for delicate skin.
With super water absorption capacity, you can easily dry your body and hair after bathing.
The three-dimensional honeycomb design makes the skin clean and light.
Individually packaged, it is light, comfortable and hygienic when you go out.
Strictly check every production detail, do not contain chemical ingredients such as fluorescent agents, and give the skin a safe hug.
Pure natural cotton plant fiber, environmental protection, safety and hygiene, 100% natural biodegradation.

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